What Our Clients Say

The Hernandezs

Our experience with Finally Home Services was completely positive. There is nothing they don’t do. I will never leave home without them!

The Mihnovich Family

Our family is beyond thankful for Finally Home Services! We made a huge transition for our family and Bonnie was ahead of the game with our move every step of the way. Her team carefully and skillfully packed us in stages as we needed —and unpacked us and organized when we arrived at our new home 9 hours away. She handled every last detail with grace and compassion. One of my favorite moments was when my youngest unpacked his LEGO creation in his new room and it was perfectly intact. Now that’s attention to detail!

Carmen & Jeff Moseley

After hip replacement I was in no shape (or mood) to coordinate an unexpected move. FH took care of everything we needed! We were so confident in the team that we left town the weekend of the move and came back to our new home unpacked, furniture placed, bed made, food in the fridge and chocolates on the counter! Trust FH with your move. It’s one of the smartest decisions we’ve ever made.

What Realtors Say

Leanne Vande Kamp

I love to refer Finally Home Services to my clients because when I do, I’ve immediately left them in great hands! Bonnie and her team are amazing and handle every detail of the moving process. It’s so comforting to know that someone cares about my clients as much as I do!

Candie Worsham

Bonnie and her Team are the most professional and fun company you can work with to manage your move. Bonnie's knowledge and enthusiasm put my nervous seller at complete ease. Bonnie has a vast rolodex of painters, movers and repair men that make a move and getting a home on the market invaluable. There is no price you can put on Bonnie's expertise and energy. She is the BEST! I will always call her to manage my clients move.

Christie Wilson

Bonnie and her team at Finally Home Services allow me to add even more value to the services I provide my clients. I know she will understand and accommodate any personality and any situation she walks into…as we know…this part of the selling process is stressful! Her genuine care and positive attitude gives me assurance that my clients are getting the best!

Denise Cummins

Bonnie and her team provide professional, concierge level service that takes the stress, anxiety and overall hassle out of moving. After several years of hearing my customers rave about Finally Home Services, I decided to experience it for myself. Bonnie and her team assisted me and my husband in a recent move by overseeing the move out of one home and into another including a day of unpacking and organizing the new space.The help was worth every penny that we paid, and the team was a joy to be around as they worked. Jeff and I were beyond impressed every step of the way!

Jane McCracken

I met Bonnie several years ago when she was getting ready to launch her Business “Finally Home”. When she opened her door to welcome me for coffee I just felt like I had known Bonnie forever. Her ability to know how to help others and her passion for making it a valuable experience was so evident! I immediately referred her a client and after moving her from across town that client called to thank me. She had moved many times in her life and said this move was the easiest she had ever experienced!