Pricing & FAQ

We price two ways!

For packing, unpacking and anything related to hourly work, our pricing is $75 an hour for the first person and $60 an hour for each additional person. We are priced higher than traditional movers (they typically run $50-$60 an hour, per person), but we aren’t the typical packing service!

The second way of pricing is when you hire us to manage an entire move. This may include vendor selection and working onsite with movers. Every home and homeowner is different, so move management fees are based on the individual needs of the client.

You have questions, we have answers!

What is a moving concierge?

We are your point person for everything moving. We pack, unpack, work with movers, provide resources and get you settled!

How do we get started?

Let’s talk! We may be reached at 615.430.0015 or We offer a complimentary in-person consultation within the Metro Nashville area or we can connect via phone if you’re out of state.

How far in advance do you book?

We suggest a 2-3 week window, however, call us as early as you know about the move. Spring and Summer are especially busy, we appreciate as much advanced notice as possible.

Do you travel?

Yes, we do! We are based out of Nashville and also move people into and out of Nashville from major U.S. cities.

What about jewelry?

We always suggest homeowners move their own high valued jewelry. If you have a safe, even better! We can get the safe in your car for personal transport. We also encourage items like checks, credit cards, personal documents, etc. are placed in the homeowner’s car or safe.

What about high-valued art and/or sculptures?

Crating all the way. We work with two local craters who will personally measure and build crates for artwork and sculptures. The crate company is also available to transport these items and un-crate at the final destination. Movers may also transport crates built by a third party.

What about a corporate move?

Finally Home Services works nicely with corporate moves. We meet a lot of trucks for unloading and unpacking. This allows a homeowner to continue working or even finish up loose ends (have goodbye parties!) in the original city.


Our movers have storage and we also can arrange a local storage unit in the area. Storage units may be rented monthly.

Temporary Housing

If you’re in need of temporary housing, we have realtor contacts that can connect you with corporate housing or a long-term rental while you’re still looking for or building a home.


Our service vendors are the best! Need TVs/audio visual installed? A contractor to build a new closet? Wallpaper installer? Cleaners? We’ve got them!! We’ll discover the resources needed during our complimentary consultation.

Working with personal organizers

We love personal organizers! Our expertise work well together since most personal organizers do not pack. If you have a need for a skilled organizer on the back end of your move, we have a great network of professionals.

What happens if an item gets damaged?

We pride ourselves in meticulous packing, but we’re reasonable to know that sometimes an item may be damaged during a move. If an item is packed by Finally Home Services, we provide a $5.00 per pound valuation in replacement value. This is really good since traditional movers are only required to provide .60 per pound.

What if I need my furniture and boxes stored for a week or less?

Let’s talk! We’ll work with a mover who can store your items short term.

What if I need to get rid of a lot of stuff before I move?

If you have a few large pieces of furniture that need to be sold, we can talk about local consignors or community websites to place items for sale. In the event you have a household of furniture, this may warrant an estate sale.

Will you really make our beds?

This is my personal favorite daily chore! I LOVE a crisp, beautifully made bed…we’ve literally got your back to ensure you have a bed to sleep in your first night. We’ll also get those groceries, too!