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We service anything under the umbrella of moving. We may assist when you first begin the listing process by decluttering to prepare for pictures. Decluttering may have the need for off-site storage, donation pick-ups and junk removal. Once your home is under contract, we then work with our preferred Nashville movers to obtain quotes and begin the packing process. The week of your move the Finally Home Services team will manage the move, if needed, and unpack your boxes. Every move is unique and our services may be customized to accommodate the transition.

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Move Management

Move Management

  • Interviewing movers and receiving estimates
  • Coordinate onsite or offsite storage
  • Arranging for junk removal and/or donation pick-up services
  • Scheduling preferred vendors for house cleaning, contractor work, landscaping, etc.
  • Making beds on moving day and ensuring pajamas are on the bed and the coffee maker is ready before we leave
  • Serve onsite during loading and unloading day/s while freeing-up homeowners to do “life”

Packing & Unpacking

Packing & Unpacking

  • Finally Home Services is an all-female packing and unpacking team who appreciates granny’s crystal and china
  • Moving supplies provided to homeowners at low cost, saving LOTS of money compared to purchasing through a mover
  • Providing last minute boxes for bedding, kitchen and bathroom items to make moving day efficient. We even put together the boxes before we leave!
  • Unpacking all boxes and neatly placing items in closets and cabinets
  • Supply and box removal

Travel Services

Travel Services

  • If you live near an airport, we are able to travel to you! Your starting or ending location must be in Nashville (that’s Tennessee, not Indiana!)
  • We will coordinate with our preferred movers allowing us to know who is loading your household contents and transporting them across state lines. We know exactly the date and time of your unload, which is rare in a multi-state move.
  • The Finally Home Services team will travel to you for packing and/or unpacking
  • Prices vary on project description and location. An estimate will be provided once all requirements are discussed with a client

How We Work With Movers

Which movers?

We work with three preferred and independent moving companies in Nashville. We know them, trust their team and appreciate their competitive pricing. If you have a specific mover you’d like to work with, or even a corporate relocation company, we gladly work with your vendor.

Getting a quote

We will meet our preferred movers at your home for estimates. If you prefer to meet them directly, we’ll gladly provide contact information so you may set your own appointments.


We will work with one of our preferred moving vendors for storage. For more long-term needs, an individual storage unit may be a better fit. Either way, we’ll determine the most effective option for your transition plan.


Our movers offer base insurance and additional coverage for purchase. If you would like additional insurance, check with your homeowner’s insurance company as you may already have this in your policy.

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